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Liver Disease

Liver Surgery BoulderThe liver is the largest solid internal organ. It performs a multitude of important roles in daily human function. It produces bile (digestive fluid) and filters toxins from the blood. It helps the body to metabolize proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The liver rids your body of toxins such as drugs, alcohol and other substances. The liver also has an enormous capacity to regenerate itself and keep the rest of the body healthy. Thus, it is easy to understand why liver disease and cancer can cause serious damage to the entire body.

Conditions Treated

Liver Biopsy

Liver Cancer

Bile Duct Cancer

Liver Surgery

If you have been diagnosed with liver or bile duct cancer, surgery often offers the best and only chance for a cure. Removing the diseased portion of your liver or bile ducts can eliminate the cancer and prevent its spread to other parts of your body. The liver has an amazing capacity for regeneration (re-growth). It can continue to function when as much as 80 percent of liver tissue is removed.

Liver surgery is often a big undertaking. The type of procedure chosen depends on many patient centered factors. These include your overall health, the location of the tumor or abnormality, and your liver’s overall health.